Is There Water in Outer Space?

Space Water Found: Chapter One

The truth about water is out there...way out there. The ongoing search for water and life in space involves billions and billions of dollars, miles, and brain cells. Scientists have found that water is prevalent throughout the universe (or at least those parts we can explore), but there are many remaining questions. How much water is there in space? Where is it? If there is water, is there life?

Water in Space: More Precious Than Gold
Scientists value water as the most important element of life. Without water, various elements cannot mix and assemble into the complex organics necessary to sustain life. The presence of water would also prove to be a treasure for space travelers. Water is a precious commodity: spacecraft have to carry water from Earth, which is heavy and costly. If water could be found elsewhere, far from the grips of the Earth's gravity, it would be a boon. Experts say hydrogen found in ice could be used to make fuel for space exploration and oxygen in water could provide air to explorers and even colonies.

Three Kinds of Space Water
Scientists' search for water is focused on three sources: Far away water, water that falls on us and water on Mars.

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