Recycled Water Hauling Program

Recycled Water Hauling Program photo header with truck, landscape and District crew applying recycled water.

The Recycled Water Hauling Program conserves potable water by delivering surplus recycled water for outdoor irrigation and construction purposes through a water truck hauling program. Recycled water is wastewater that has been highly treated allowing it to be used again as a drought-friendly resource.

What can recycled water be used for?

Recycled water delivered through the Recycled Water Hauling Program can only be used for landscape irrigation, the irrigation of orchards, dust control and soil compaction purposes. The recycled water truck is equipped with a hose for direct application or connection to an irrigation system that has been properly converted to receive recycled water. Recycled water cannot be delivered to a storage tank.

Who is eligible to receive hauled recycled water?

The Recycled Water Hauling Program is currently available within the boundaries of the Goleta Water District (Zone 1), as well Montecito Water District (Zone 3). The District’s permit also allows it to serve customers within the City of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria Valley Water District, La Cumbre Mutual Water Company, and El Capitan Mutual Water Company should those agencies request to participate in the program. Customers must undergo a pre-inspection site visit to determine if the site meets standards for receiving recycled water deliveries.

Cost of Recycled Water

The total costs include a flat rate delivery charge based upon delineated delivery zones, a commodity charge based on the volume of recycled water, and an hourly charge necessary to cover the labor to apply the amount of recycled water requested. A summary of charges is provided below:

Table showing cost of recycled water, this information is duplicated in the recycled water hauling program information PDF below

How much water will an average user need to order?

An average landscape of 1,500 square feet would have an estimated delivery of 1,000 gallons. Each square foot of lawn typical receives 1 inch of water from sprinkler systems, equivalent to 0.5 gallons per square foot. If the landscape includes plants such as flowers, shrubs, bushes or trees, the site can receive a smaller delivery. The actual recycled water delivery might be less than requested to avoid overwatering and runoff; the Commodity Charge will be based on the actual amount of recycled water delivered each trip.

Sign Up Procedure

  1. Customer Application: Complete, sign and submit the application to the Goleta Water District.  
  2. Customer Agreement: Sign the Program Customer Agreement for the length of the requested delivery schedule.
  3. Program Deposit: Pay a deposit based on a District calculation of the type of customer and requested delivery schedule.
  4. Pre-Inspection Site Visit: Undergo a Pre-Inspection Site Visit to determine necessary signage, system protection, and site eligibility.

For more information on the Recycled Water Hauling Program, please contact the Goleta Water District at (805)964-6761 or Turn on Javascript!

Click here to download the Recycled Water Hauling Program information sheet PDF.

Click here to download the Recycled Water Hauling Program application PDF.