Goleta West Conduit Drought Portal

Drought Information for Goleta West Conduit System Agricultural Customers

This webpage provides Goleta Water District Goleta West Conduit (GWC) agricultural customers with up-to-date statistics and information on current water supplies, demand, and the effect of the ongoing drought on the Goleta Valley. The GWC is a separate water system through which the Goleta Water District provides lake water treated with chlorination to 18 customers for primarily commercial agricultural irrigation.

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The District is currently in a Stage III Water Shortage Emergency and is targeting a 40% reduction in demand from its agricultural customers to help ensure adequate water supplies remain available.

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Goleta West Conduit customer water supplies come from Lake Cachuma. If Cachuma supplies are at risk of running out during a water shortage, the District may purchase supplemental water supplies, if available, that would be available to GWC customers. This was done in late 2015 as Lake Cachuma levels approached record lows, and imported supplemental water served as the primary supply source for the GWC system. The following graphs provide a snapshot of water use by customers on the GWC water system for the most recent month, and District water currently remaining in Lake Cachuma (shown in acre feet).

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Due to the continued severity of the current drought, Stage III (declared by the Board on May 12, 2015) includes restrictions on the use of overhead sprinklers on outdoor commercial crops and orchards.  Outdoor crops and orchards irrigated with overhead sprinklers may be watered before 10:00 A.M. and after 4:00 P.M.  This does not apply to the use of drip or micro-spray irrigation, or irrigation of indoor greenhouses.

For a full list of Stage III restrictions click here.


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Please contact Ryan Drake, Water Supply and Conservation Manager, with any questions or for additional information.
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