Drought Preparedness and Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Droughts occur with unpredictable frequency, intensity, and duration. Developing and maintaining a safe and reliable water supply portfolio to serve its customers is a Goleta Water District (GWD or District) priority, including preparing for drought and water shortages. During a drought or other water shortage, the Goleta Water District Board of Directors will consider drought severity indicators and available supply in determining the need for water shortage declarations and implementation of demand reduction programs and other related activities.

Water supply projections and hydrologic conditions are significant components in deciding when and to what extent a drought response is needed. The degree of the water supply shortage determines the necessary level of response from the District and customers. The 2014 Drought Preparedness and Water Shortage Contingency Plan recommends and provides the foundation for a progressive response to worsening water shortage conditions.

The District is currently in a Stage I Water Shortage.  Click here for more information.

Click here to view the complete 2014 Drought Preparedness and Water Shortage Contingency Plan