Goleta Water District Board Declares End of Water Shortage

Water Supply Update End of Water Shortage Graphic Article Header

On August 13, 2019, in response to receiving a full allocation of annual surface water supplies from Lake Cachuma, the Goleta Water District Board of Directors terminated its Stage I Water Shortage Emergency, effective immediately. 

Water supply and customer demand projections determine when and to what extent a drought response is needed.  A Stage I Water Shortage is no longer required since the District now has sufficient water supply to serve all customer demand for the next two years.  Because droughts occur with unpredictable frequency, intensity and duration, the District constantly compares its available water supply to projected customer demand, and will continue to take all necessary actions to ensure that adequate supply remains available in the future.

The District previously terminated its Stage III Water Shortage Emergency in April of this year, lifting its drought surcharge and declaring a Stage I.  Since then, restrictions on watering days and times have been rescinded and conservation remains voluntary. However, prohibitions against wasting water remain in effect and leaks must still be fixed within 24 hours.

Given the unprecedented water supply shortage experienced over the last six years, District customers are to be commended for their highly successful conservation efforts.  The District remains committed to supporting these efforts and continues to offer rebates that support such practices.  Click here for more information on available rebates, or visit WaterWiseSB.org for water conservation tips, resources and information.

(Published August 14, 2019)