Conservation for Teachers and Kids

We offer many educational programs. Please visit the education section for a description of the water programs, presentations, and videos offered. 

To schedule a water education assembly at your elementary school in the Goleta Water District go to

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Check out the following fun links for conservation information, games and activities.

EPA WaterSense Kids

EPA Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids Stuff

Discover Water: The Role of Water in Our Lives

WaterWiseSB Education Videos Section

WaterWiseSB High School Video Contest

Photo of a Goleta girl scout holding water saving hose nozzles at a Public Works Day event.
Additional Resources:
  • For regional water conservation information, go to
  • For statewide water conservation information, go to Save Our Water.
  • To read more about District water supply planning, click here.
  • Contact us by email at Turn on Javascript! or call the District at 805-964-6761.