Flushing Maintenance Program 2021

The Goleta Water District (District) will be doing critical maintenance on the distribution system over a 10 week period beginning August 30, running through November 5, that will involve flushing water through District fire hydrants. Flushing removes sediment and mineral deposits by releasing water at high velocity from fire hydrants and helps maintain consistency throughout the distribution system, ensuring high quality water is delivered throughout the District.

The District will provide updates on the hydrant flushing via its website, at www.goletawater.com. Customers are encouraged to check the website for information on when hydrant flushing will be occurring in their neighborhood. The majority of flushing will occur overnight, and flushing events in each neighborhood will be short in nature, typically lasting less than 30 minutes per hydrant.

Why is the District Conducting Flushing?

The purpose of the flushing program is to remove sediment that has accumulated in the pipes, and mitigate conditions associated with alternating supply sources. 

Flushing of the water system may cause temporary fluctuations in customer water pressure, or a temporary discoloration of the water. However, District customers are assured that water remains safe to drink and use for landscaping or other purposes. If this occurs, please wait one hour, then turn on your faucets for five minutes. If water does not clear, call the District at (805) 964-6761 for further assistance. 

Why is this Happening Now?

This needed system maintenance is especially important during periods when the District relies on its diverse water supply portfolio. Alternating supply sources often reverses the flow of water in the system, which can loosen mineral deposits that have built up in the pipes over time.

Where possible, the District will work to divert water to recreational areas or open space, but for flushing to be effective water must be released at high volumes so that is not always possible.

How Long Will it Take and What Can I Expect?
It will take approximately 10 weeks to flush the distribution system. Flushing is scheduled to take place between August 30 and Nov 5, Monday night to Friday morning. To minimize impacts to traffic, the majority of flushing will occur between 8:00 PM to 5:30 AM. The program is divided into nine sections: beginning with Section 1 and proceeding chronologically through Section 9. The Goleta Water District Fire Hydrant Flushing Map is available here  and shows the potable water system separated into the nine specific flushing areas.  Check this page for periodic updates.

Hydrant Flushing Map REV

The Flushing Maintenance Program began work in Section 8 on October 14, 2021. Click here to download the Section 8 map.

Hydrant Flushing Map Section 8 Image

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