Goleta Lemon Festival 2022

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Lemon Festival 2022 Online Booth Information Page

The 29th Annual Goleta Lemon Festival will take place on September 24th and 25th at Girsh Park located at 7050 Phelps Road in Goleta, California.
For more info, visit lemonfestival.com

The District is pleased to be a sponsor and host a booth at the 29th Annual Lemon Festival with informational brochures, materials and water conservation devices throughout the duration of the two-day Festival. The District encourages residents to stop by the booth where staff will be available to answer questions. This online page features digital versions of materials and information that will be a focus of the District's Lemon Festival 2022 booth.

The resources below highlight the District's water supply management, water conservation and sustainability efforts and provide useful information that residents can use to be more water wise.

Water Supply Update

California Emergency Drought Regulations

California Emergency Drought Regulations request everyone to voluntarily reduce water use by 20%. The state regulations also prohibit the District’s non-residential (Commercial, Institutional and Landscape Irrigation) customers from using drinking water for ornamental or non-functional turf irrigation. The District continues to offer mulch and smart landscape rebates to assist these customers and minimize the impacts to the affected landscapes. 

Click here to read more.

Lemon Festival 2022 Featured Article

Fall is a Great Time for Water Wise Planting

Looking to reduce your water use? Here are some tips for installing water wise landscaping: consider planting by zone, grouping higher water using plants together so that irrigation can be adjusted to plant need, mulch plants to reduce evaporation and protect roots from temperature change, and consider installing more efficient sprinkler heads, or converting to a drip irrigation system. Find the perfect plant, and explore featured landscape ideas at: www.waterwisegardeningsb.org. The District continues to offer mulch and smart landscape rebates to assist customers. 

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Information Brochures and Resources

The images below link to useful information to help residents implement water wise landscaping practices.

Water Wise Landscaping for the Goleta Valley - Click on the image above to view the PDF

Gardening with California Native Plants - Click on the image above to view the PDF

Water Wise Native Plants for Santa Barbara County - Click on the image above to view the PDF

How to be Water Wise in Your Garden - Click on the image above to view the PDF

Time For a Tune Up Graphic Image
Click here to learn how to save water and money with a no cost irrigation tune up. Explore water wise garden ideas for tips on reviving and refreshing your landscaping.

Goleta Water District News – Summer 2022

Conservation as a Way of Life
How Much Water Does it Take?
For the typical customer, 50% or more of water use is for outdoor irrigation. Learn
where the greatest opportunities for water savings are in your household, and see
how the numbers compare for various uses.

Click here to view the Goleta Water District News – Summer 2022 PDF.

Lemon Festival Information Booth Posters

The thumbnail images below link to posters featured at the Goleta Water District Lemon Festival Booth

Water Wise in the Goleta Valley Video

Water Wise in the Goleta Valley. California has officially entered another drought and many communities across the state face serious challenges ahead to manage their water supplies. While we can always hope for rain next winter and spring, no one can predict when the drought will end. Right now – though – here in the Goleta Valley thanks to the incredible conservation of our customers, and decades of investment in a diverse water supply portfolio, the community is well positioned to weather continued dry conditions.

Goleta Water District Annual Consumer Confidence Report

Results of Water Quality Testing for 2021
This report explains how water quality is measured, defines common terms, and reports on the results of the District’s water quality testing. The District is pleased to report that it is in compliance with all primary State and Federal water quality standards.

Click here to view the Goleta Water District Annual Consumer Confidence Report PDF.

Goleta Water District News – Winter 2022

Sustainability - Now and Into the Future
An update on the District's Sustainability Efforts
Learn more about the District’s Sustainability Plan, and how it guides critical investments to reduce the environmental impact of operations, minimize costs, and enhance water supply reliability and emergency preparedness.

Click here to view the Goleta Water District News – Winter 2022 PDF.

/assets/uploads/LemonFestival2022_WaterSavingSign FNL web.pdfSustainability 

Goleta Water District Sustainability Section Graphic

Click here to visit to the District's Sustainability section.

Click here view the 2019-2021 Sustainability Plan Progress Report.

Water Conservation Resource Links


Save Our Water

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