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Help Plants in a Heat Wave

July 31, 2018
When summer temperatures soar during a heat wave, help plants by following these three tips... Read more

Common Water Wasters

June 14, 2018
Did your usage jump unexpectedly last month? Learn about easy fixes for common problems that could be driving high water use. Read more

Save Water and Decrease Yard Maintenance by Reducing or Eliminating Your Lawn

May 14, 2018
As the drought continues, more customers are reconsidering their landscaping and opting for waterwise alternatives. Read more

Save Water with the Push of a Button

March 8, 2018
Adjusting your irrigation timer is easy and can save significant amounts of water and money, all without sacrificing your landscape. Daylight Savings Time began on March 8th, so now is a great time to seasonally adjust your irrigation. Read more

Prolonged Drought Lingers Across Community

September 12, 2017
Throughout the Goleta Valley and the South Coast, drought evidence is visible for all to see: stressed and dying trees, parched play fields, and restaurants advertising that, “water served only upon request.” Read more

Even With Winter Rains, the Community Remains in Drought

April 11, 2017
The last five years of below average rainfall produced extreme drought conditions, and recent rains have not been enough to make up for that deficit. Read more

District Goes to Court to Protect Goleta Groundwater Resources

August 29, 2016
On February 13, 2015, the Goleta Water District (District) filed a Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief (Complaint) in the Superior Court of Santa Barbara County against the owners of a private ranch in the Goleta Foothills... Read more

Rebates Available!

August 25, 2016
Save water indoors and outdoors! The District is offering rebates of up to $150 to residential customers toward the purchase of water efficient washing machines. The District is also offering free deliveries of screened or unscreened mulch from the County of Santa Barbara (up to two deliveries per year, not to exceed $80 per delivery). Read more

Who Approves Development?

August 15, 2016
The Goleta Water District (District) is not a land use agency and does not have the authority to approve development projects. The District simply serves water to homes, businesses, and agricultural operations in its service area.  Determining whether or not proposed projects will have adverse impacts on the community is the responsibility of a land use planning agency, which within the District service… Read more

Development and Water

August 5, 2016
Myths and Facts About Development Myth:  The District is issuing new water allocations during a water shortage. Fact:  No. Under the SAFE Water Supplies Ordinance, the District has not issued any new water allocations since October 2014. The District is not obligated to provide new water service once a water shortage emergency has been declared if a proposed project does not have a pre-existing right… Read more