Temporary Denial of New Service Applications

SAFE Water Supplies Ordinance:
In 1991 voters of the Goleta Water District passed the SAFE Water Supplies Ordinance, which sets forth conditions the District must meet in order to approve new or additional water connections.  New and additional water connections are typically requested for development projects such as housing, commercial, and retail projects.

The Safe Ordinance prohibits the District from releasing potable water to new or additional service connections except when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The District is receiving 100% of its deliveries normally allowed from Cachuma
  2. The District has met legal obligations in the Wright Judgment
  3. There is no water rationing
  4. The District has met its obligation to the Annual Storage Commitment to the Drought Buffer

Denial of New Service Applications:
The United States Bureau of Reclamation issued a full (100%) allocation of Cachuma water for Water Year 2018-19 for the first time in five years.  However, the District continues to need all available water supplies, including groundwater production, to serve existing customers and meet current standards of water service.  Since the District is currently not in a position to make its annual commitment of water to the District’s drought buffer in the groundwater basin, under the SAFE Water Supplies Ordinance, the District remains prohibited from providing new or additional potable service connections.  The District intends to make its annual drought buffer commitment as soon as it has sufficient water to serve to existing customers and commit its groundwater or excess surface water to storage.

Click here to read RESOLUTION NO. 2014-32 directing the denial of applications for new service connections.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this mean no new or additional connections can be approved?
Starting on October 1, 2014, no new or additional connections will be approved, except for projects have already paid their new water supply charge, or projects that have historical water credits for which the new proposed project will use the same or less water. 

Will I still be able to submit an application?
Yes, we are accepting applications to determine if a new water allocation is necessary for a project, or whether the project has a sufficient historical water credit.

Under what conditions will the Goleta Water District resume approving new service connections?
The District can legally resume approving new and additional connections when all elements of the SAFE Ordinance are satisfied, including making its annual drought buffer storage commitment. The District is hopeful that with recent rains, it will be able to commit water to storage this year. 

For additional information on new water services, please call or email Ryan Drake, Goleta Water District Water Supply & Conservation Manager.  (805) 879-4627 rdrake@www.goletawater.com