The State Water Project–Providing Important Supplemental Supplies. Highlights of the State Water Project video include the history of voter approval, its importance as a key supplemental resource, challenges due to limited availability of water supplies during statewide drought, and increased environmental regulations.
Lake Cachuma–The District’s Primary Water Source. Highlights include Lake Cachuma’s five decade history, the District’s 36% entitlement, and ongoing challenges due to drought conditions, fish protection and recent fires.
The Goleta Groundwater Basin – A Critical Drought Buffer video provides a concise summary of the important role the Goleta Groundwater Basin plays in the District water supply portfolio.
Where Does Your Water Come From? This video provides an introductory overview of the Goleta Water District water supply system.  It is important for District customers to understand where their water comes from, how the drought has influenced these resources, and the criticality of continued conservation.  The District maintains a diverse water supply portfolio from four distinct water sources – Lake Cachuma, water from the State Water Project, the Goleta Groundwater Basin, and recycled water. 
The GWD Three Easy Outdoor Conservation Tips video focuses on three common water saving tips that have been identified during Conservation Check Ups as major sources of unintended water use. These tips help customers save water and money without impacting the appearance of their landscaping.
Goleta Water District June 2016 public service announcement (PSA) placed on KEYT TV 3 ABC, KKFX Fox 11, and Cox/Spectrum Media in June 2016.
The District proactively removed two of the lawns in the District Demonstration Gardens by mulching over them. The project was intended to conserve water, and provide interested customers with an example of how to remove or reduce the size of their lawn. The video features two mulching techniques used by the District, including a layered technique (often called the “lasagna” approach) and a traditional direct mulching.
Goleta Water District Stage III Water Shortage Emergency public service announcements (PSAs) aired on KEYT TV 3 ABC, KKFX Fox 11, and Cox Media in May 2015.
Goleta Water District Stage II Water Shortage Emergency public service announcements (PSAs) aired on KEYT TV 3 ABC, KKFX Fox 11, and Cox Media in October 2014.
Goleta Water District public service announcements (PSAs) were placed on the KEYT TV3 ABC Water Woes program in March 2014.