Executive Management Team

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The mission of the Goleta Water District is to provide a reliable supply of quality water at the most reasonable cost to the present and future customers within the Goleta Water District. 


David Matson
General Manager

The Executive Management team is led by the General Manager and is comprised of three departments: Administration, Engineering & Infrastructure, and Water Supply & Conservation. The team is responsible for daily management of an annual operating and capital budget of $56.7M to provide water to over 87,000 people living in the greater Goleta Valley.  The District’s 60+ employees work as a close-knit team to operate and maintain a complex system inclusive of more than 270 miles of pipeline, over 16,600 service connections, eight storage reservoirs, an extensive well field, a recycled water system, 1,500 fire hydrants, and the Corona Del Mar Water Treatment Plant.

KK Holland
Assistant to the General Manager

The Office of the General Manager includes Customer Service, Public Outreach, and Human Resources, which are overseen by the Assistant to the General Manager. Customer Service is the initial point of contact for the community, handling incoming calls, receiving visitors, and managing the billing and collection process for District customers. The Public Outreach program includes all District communications, media relations, press releases, special outreach initiatives, newsletters, and the Sustainability Plan, as well as oversight of the website and social media channels. Human Resources works closely with District management to recruit, train, and retain the most qualified personnel for the District.


Laura McKenzie
Administration Manager/CFO

The Administration Department includes Financial Management, Reporting, and Information Technology. Accounting services ensure proper controls and processes are in place to accurately collect revenue and disburse expenditures. Routine transaction services include accounts payable, accounts receivable, investment and cash management, cash flow analysis, payroll and benefit processing, rate analysis and annual audit report preparation.


Daniel Brooks
Engineering and Infrastructure Manager

The Engineering & Infrastructure (E&I) Department includes programs and functions related to capital infrastructure planning, implementation, operation, and maintenance of three water systems and associated facilities. E&I oversees the Potable Water System, the Goleta West Conduit System, and the Recycled Water System to ensure the water treatment and delivery systems are designed, installed, and operated to meet regulatory standards and the community’s water supply needs. In total, District water systems treat and deliver more than 3 billion gallons of water annually to more than 87,000 people living in the region.

E&I is responsible for capital project delivery to implement the District’s five-year Infrastructure Improvement Plan. E&I also performs the review of new water services, engineering research and analysis, and management of the Geographic Information System (GIS). To keep costs stable and prioritize investment, E&I focuses on maintaining, upgrading, and replacing vital infrastructure needed to ensure long-term capital asset integrity.


Ryan Drake
Water Supply and Conservation Manager

The Water Supply and Conservation Department includes the following categories: Water Resources, Conservation Programs, and New Water Services.

Conservation and efficient water use helps preserve and extend water supplies for all District customers. New Water Services focus on establishing relationships with new customers through the water service application process. The Water Resources program supports the ongoing management of water supply agreements and coordinates the District foundational resource plans, including the Groundwater Management Plan, Water Supply Management Plan (WSMP), and the Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP).