Smart Landscape Rebate Program


The Goleta Water District (GWD) Smart Landscape Rebate Program provides incentives to residential and commercial customers to replace water thirsty landscapes and inefficient irrigation with water-wise plants and irrigation.

The program is for residential and commercial Goleta Water District customers and covers a portion of the cost of pre-approved design, irrigation equipment, and landscape materials. Projects must be approved in advance and landscapes for new construction are not eligible. The program is not retroactive. Sales receipts and/or contractor invoices are required for all rebates.

How It Works

  1. Email the following items to with subject SLRP Application – ADDRESS: (Project Address Here):

    a. An electronic copy of the Smart Landscape Rebate Program application with page one (applicant information) completed. Do not sign page two of the application until GWD staff completes the information on page two of the application. A PDF copy or large JPG or PNG picture including the entire application page is acceptable.

    b. In the email include a written description of your project including what high-water using plants will be removed and how the project will result in water savings. Include the specific items you would like rebated.

    c. “Before” pictures of the entire area in which the landscape retrofit is proposed to take place. Include the square footage of irrigated lawn to be removed if applicable.

    d. If a drip irrigation retrofit is requested, you will be required to submit a video of your working sprinkler system with the sprinklers turned “On.” GWD staff will provide a link to upload the video when the application is received

    e. Do not begin your project until a dated Authorization to Proceed is issued by GWD Staff.

  2. GWD staff will confirm receipt of your email, review the items submitted, and inform you if additional items need to be submitted such as additional pictures, a video, or a site visit. Staff will also review the site water history and determine if the property is eligible for rebate.
  3. GWD staff return an electronic copy of the Smart Landscape Rebate Application to the applicant with eligible items outlined on Page 2 (completed by GWD staff).
  4. Applicant signs (page 2) and submits an electronic copy of the Smart Landscape Rebate Application to GWD staff.
  5. Applicant receives a dated Authorization to Proceed from GWD staff, which is the start date for the project. Receipts for work dated prior to the Rebate Authorization to Proceed date will not qualify for rebate. The applicant has 120 days from the Authorization to Proceed date to make the pre-approved upgrades.
  6. Applicant must submit Post-Installation Items including a) itemized receipts for items pre-qualified on page 2 of the application and b) “After” pictures showing the completed project by the ELECTRONIC SUBMITTAL DEADLINE Date to qualify for rebate. Items not pre-qualified do not qualify for rebate.
  7. GWD then has approximately 60 days to review the itemized receipts and issue a check to the customer for qualifying design and materials. GWD reserves the right to conduct a physical post-inspection and/or request additional photos or video of the project to confirm eligible items.


Any combination of pre-approved irrigation equipment and planting costs may qualify for a one-time rebate of up to $750 for single family meter customers and up to $2,000 per meter serving irrigated area for multi-family (HOA), commercial, and dedicated landscape irrigation meter customers (up to 2 meters or $4,000 per multi-family or commercial site).

  • Landscape Design:  50% of the cost of landscape design, up to a maximum of $250 for design services. Design will only be rebated in combination with other approved materials.
  • Irrigation Equipment:  50% of the cost of drip irrigation parts, sprinkler system efficiency retrofits, rotating sprinkler nozzles, and equipment for a laundry to landscape graywater system.
  • Water-Wise Plants and Mulch:  50% of the cost of water-wise plants and mulch. Planted areas must be covered with a 3-inch or greater layer of mulch.
  • Smart Irrigation Controller:  50% of cost of the smart irrigation controller. Smart irrigation controllers work on simple principles: provide the appropriate watering schedule; automatically adjust for weather changes; irrigate based on the needs of your plants.
  • Pool Cover:  50% of the cost of a pool cover, up to a maximum of $300 per pool cover.
  • Permeable Surfaces:  50% of the cost of permeable surfaces (excluding artificial turf).
  • Laundry-to-Landscape Graywater:  50% of the cost of laundry-to-landscape graywater system parts.

For more information call the District at 805-964-6761 or send an email to

Click here to download the Smart Landscape Rebate Program Residential Application.

Click here to download the Smart Landscape Rebate Program Commercial Application.

Click here to download the Smart Landscape Rebate Program Addendum – Electronic Application Submittal Process.

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