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How the District Maintains Water Quality

July 17, 2019
How the District Maintains Water Quality. The District constantly monitors water quality, conducting thousands of tests each year to make sure your water is safe and reliable. But eight years of drought and several significant wildfires around Lake Cachuma have made the job of treating your water more challenging and more expensive. Read more

There’s Value in Voluntary Conservation

May 30, 2019
Even though watering day and time restrictions have been lifted, you can continue to saving water and money while enhancing the appearance of your landscape. Read more

Goleta Water District Board Lowers Water Shortage to Stage I and Will be Lifting Drought Surcharge

April 10, 2019
On April 9, 2019, in response to an increased allocation of surface water supplies from Lake Cachuma, the Goleta Water District Board of Directors lowered the ongoing Water Shortage Emergency from a Stage III to a Stage I, effective immediately. Read more

Water Supply Update

March 15, 2019
Above average winter rainfall in 2019 and rising Lake Cachuma levels are good signs that the drought may be ending. On March 26th the Federal Government released additional water from Lake Cachuma to the District. On April 9th the Goleta Water District Board of Directors lowered the Water Shortage Emergency from a Stage III to a Stage I, effective immediately. Read more

Celebrating 75 Years of Service and Planning for the Next 75

February 16, 2019
As we count down to the District’s 75th Anniversary this fall, we’ll be sharing historical photographs and archival materials... Read more

Help Plants in a Heat Wave

July 31, 2018
When summer temperatures soar during a heat wave, help plants by following these three tips... Read more

Common Water Wasters

June 14, 2018
Did your usage jump unexpectedly last month? Learn about easy fixes for common problems that could be driving high water use. Read more

Save Water and Decrease Yard Maintenance by Reducing or Eliminating Your Lawn

May 14, 2018
As the drought continues, more customers are reconsidering their landscaping and opting for waterwise alternatives. Read more

Save Water with the Push of a Button

March 8, 2018
Adjusting your irrigation timer is easy and can save significant amounts of water and money, all without sacrificing your landscape. Daylight Savings Time began on March 11th, so now is a great time to seasonally adjust your irrigation. Read more

Fall is the Time for Water Wise Planting

October 2, 2017
For customers interested in switching out high water use plants for water wise landscaping, fall is the best time of the year to plant. Read more