Educational Resources

Delivering a Diverse Water Supply (Boy coloring, two children holding a sign that reads I Save Water by reusing INDOOR WATER for OUTDOOR PLANTS!)

Check out the many educational resources for teachers, community members and kids interested in learning more about where their water comes from and how to conserve.

For Parents and Teachers
Where Does Your Water Come From? Video Series
How It Works Video Series

Learn about the infrastructure and operational considerations involved in delivering a diverse water supply to the Goleta Valley.

Delivering a Diverse Water Supply

The District’s Distribution System

Treating and Delivering Groundwater

How the District Maintains Water Quality

Water Supply Planning

For more videos visit the District’s YouTube page.

Time for a Tune Up

Perform your own water check-up by double checking and adjusting your irrigation timer, and checking for leaks and overspray.

For more instructional videos and DIY resources, including how to fix an irrigation leak, visit:

High School Video Contest

Every year WaterWiseSB hosts a High School Video contest.  Find out more about how to participate, and watch winning videos from previous years:

WaterWiseSB High School Video Contest

How To Save Water
Conservation for Kids

The following links provide information on conservation for kids, as well as fun games and activities:

EPA WaterSense Kids

EPA Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids Stuff

Discover Water: The Role of Water in Our Lives

WaterWiseSB Education Videos Section

US Geological Survey Interactive Water Cycle

Curious how much water you use, but don’t receive your water bill directly? This indoor calculator estimates the major sources of water usage in the home: