Backflow / Cross Connection

Diagram of a backflow assembly

Making Your Water Safer Through Backflow Prevention

The water provided by the District meets all primary drinking water standards, but once water is delivered through a customer’s meter it is important to prevent water from flowing back into the system. This can occur when irrigation systems, pools, water softeners or even leaks create back pressure or back-siphonage issues, which is why a backflow assembly device is often required.

Backflow Device Testing

Customers required to have backflow devices installed as part of approved projects are required to test their devices annually. State regulations require the use of a certified testers.

For a downloadable list of certified testers, click here.

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For additional information about the District’s Cross Connection Control Program and backflow prevention,
please contact:
David Vera
Recycled Water/Cross Connection Specialist II

(805) 879-4642 Direct Line
(805) 879-4656 FAX

Illustration of a home and diagram of a backflow prevention system, "A Backflow Prevention Device stops the reverse flow of water entering the system"