Water Wise in the Goleta Valley

California has officially entered another drought and many communities across the state face serious challenges ahead to manage their water supplies. While we can always hope for rain next winter and spring, no one can predict when the drought will end.

Right now – though – here in the Goleta Valley thanks to the incredible conservation of our customers, and decades of investment in a diverse water supply portfolio, the community is well positioned to weather continued dry conditions.

While the Governor has asked communities throughout California to reduce their water use by 20%, the Goleta Valley has never stopped saving. In fact, District customers still use about a third percent less water than they did during the height of the drought. For Goleta, being water thrifty is simply a way of life. Our customers are among the most conservation minded in the state. The average residential customer uses 56 gallons per person per day, that’s almost 40% below the statewide average of 90 gallons. Even in the Central coast region, Goleta Customers are among the lowest – using 24% below the average of 73 gallons.

Customers have installed water wise landscaping, taken simple steps like fixing leaks, using a shut-off nozzle on their hose, and periodically checking to make sure watering schedules are set correctly to reduce unnecessary and sometimes wasteful use.

Regardless of what the weather brings, prepare for dry days ahead by continuing to use water wisely. Learn more about how you can save water and money at www.GoletaWater.com