Sustainability Plan Progress Report – Laying the Groundwork

Originally adopted by the Board of Directors in June 2012, the District Sustainability Plan is updated annually in the form of Progress Reports and provides an overview of how District initiatives, activities, and operations support sustainable water delivery.

This year’s Sustainability Plan Progress Report provides an update on District sustainability efforts over the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year. Many of the projects highlighted lay the groundwork for projects that will be reported on in the next progress report. In many ways, 2022-2023 was a year that paved the way for the District to break ground on a number of ambitious projects decades in the making; projects that will play a transformative role in positioning the District for the future.

The Sustainability Plan Progress Report offers an important lens through which readers can step back and take a holistic view of the District’s overall approach to addressing the challenge of aging infrastructure that is facing water systems as well as public infrastructure across the United States. Prioritizing and investing in solutions that address these challenges is central to fulfilling the District’s mission to provide a reliable supply of quality water at the most reasonable cost to present and future customers.

Read the District’s latest Sustainability Plan Progress Report here.