Drought-related Forms & Information

Application for Exception to Water Use Restrictions
An exception allows a customer to be relieved of a particular regulation that would otherwise create undue hardship, and may be granted only under certain circumstances.

Click here for the Application for Exception.

Customers may submit an exception request following the procedures below:

1.  Written application.  The customer must complete a written application for an exception, including the specific regulation for which the exception is requested and the reason for the request.

2.  Supporting documentation.  The customer must provide supporting documentation or substantial evidence that factually demonstrates the need for an exception.   Examples of supporting documentation include a doctor’s note, letter from a professional, etc. 

3.  Application submission.  The application packet shall be submitted to the District via mail, electronic mail, fax, or hand delivery. 

4.  Review process.  The exception request will be reviewed by the District within 14 business days and either granted or denied.  Conditions of approval may be imposed by the District in connection with the approval of an exception.

5.  Customer notification.  The District will issue a written determination of exception approval or denial to the customer.

Notice of Appeal
If a customer or responsible party feels that a water waste or an irrigation schedule violation, or an exception determination, has been issued by mistake or through extenuating circumstances, an appeal form (Notice of Appeal) may be submitted to the District no later than 30 days of the date on the written notice of the decision or notice of violation.

Click here for the Notice of Appeal form, which includes instructions for submitting the appeal. 

Stage III Frequently Asked Questions

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Stage III Water Shortage Restrictions

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Board of Directors Declares Stage III Water Shortage Emergency
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(Published September 14, 2014)