How Much Water Do I Use?

How much water do I use? Infographic
Multi-Family Residential (MFR)
1 Unit with no Outdoor Landscaping
Single Family Residential (SFR)
with Water Wise Landscape
Single Family Residential (SFR)
with One Large Lawn
(2-4 HCF* per month)(6-10 HCF* per month)(16-20 HCF* per month)
• Check for and fix leaks immediately, especially toilets. • Check for leaks, overspray and runoff by turning on your irrigation system.• Follow the tips on the left, plus...
• Run full loads of laundry or dishes.• Confirm that the irrigation scheduling has not defaulted to the factory setting.• Remove or reduce areas of lawn that get little use.
• Take shorter showers and fewer baths.• Match irrigation to the Watering Percent Adjust feature at• Switch out plants for water wise alternatives.
• Turn off faucet while brushing teeth and doing dishes until it is time to rinse.• Convert sprinklers to drip irrigation.• Use a pool cover to prevent up to 95% of water lost to evaporation.
Very low water users may already have done their part.• Mulch plants to further decrease the frequency with which you need to water.• For assistance, contact the District for a virtual conservation check-up.

Water bills in Hundred Cubic Feet or HCF, and each HCF is 748 gallons. The District bills in tiered rates, so a customer who reduces from 15 HCF a month to 11 HCF would see a bigger reduction in their bill than a customer who reduces from 6 to 2 HCF because water use above 12 HCF is billed at the highest per unit rate and the highest monthly meter fee under the District’s Single Family Residential conservation rates.

*1 HCF = 748 Gallons

Take a Look at Your Bill

To find out how much water you use

If you receive a bill from the District, the amount of water used for each monthly billing period will be listed in hundred cubic feet (HCF) on the upper right hand corner of your bill under “Usage.”

Sample of water bill

Click here for the How Much Water Do I Use? PDF.