Preparing for Red Flag Power Outages

The District has received several inquiries in response to media coverage of recent announcements by Southern California Edison regarding planned power outages during red flag fire warnings.  When power is interrupted due to fires the District has traditionally operated its Corona Del Mar Water Treatment Plant, which uses a gravity fed system to deliver water to customers and is therefore not typically impacted by power outages.  In the event of a red flag warning or active fire emergency the District will typically store water at higher than normal levels in its various reservoirs to assist in firefighting efforts, and in the past we have been able to operate our facilities using generator power when needed.  Although we can’t predict the future, with these measures the District has been able to maintain water service during the recent Whittier, Rey, Thomas, and Holiday fires.

The summer months are a good time to make sure you and your family are prepared. 

What Can You Do?

  • Monitor and comply with emergency alerts.
  • Be ready to go if an evacuation order is issued, and don’t wait if you feel unsafe or need additional time or assistance.
  • Keep roads clear for first responders.
  • Turn off irrigation and minimize water use to preserve water for emergency responders.
  • Sign up for and monitor Aware and Prepare Alerts:
  • Take the time now to make sure your family (including pets) is prepared for a potential disaster by making a plan and building a Basic Disaster Supplies Kit:

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The District’s Board of Directors and Staff thank first responders for their outstanding efforts to keep the community safe.

Photos of the Corona Del Mar Water Treatment Plant, and a water dropping helecopter.

(Published July 30, 2019)