Save Water with the Push of a Button

Electronic Irrigation controller

Make Sure Your Irrigation is Working Properly

Adjusting your irrigation timer is easy and can save significant amounts of water and money, all without sacrificing your landscape.  Double check that your sprinklers and automated irrigation timers are set correctly.  Improperly set timers are a common source of overwatering, and can result in a higher bill.  The easiest way to know how much you can reduce is by using the water % adjust feature on your sprinkler timer. Check the seasonal water adjust calculator at for more details.

Be Sure to Check and Install a Backup Battery in Your Irrigation Controller

Make sure that the backup  battery in your irrigation controller is working properly.  During power outages, or when changing batteries these units often revert to the default setting, which could result in overwatering.

Rain On = Sprinklers Off

Plants require less watering during periods of rain and watering is prohibited for 48 hours after it rains.  Wait for the ground to dry out completely before turning your irrigation back on.  Many landscapes only need deep watering once a month, and some can go even longer.  Consider applying mulch to help protect plants against temperature changes, reduce evaporation, and control weed growth. 

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