There’s Value in Voluntary Conservation

Even though watering day and time restrictions have been lifted, you can continue to save water and money while enhancing the appearance of your landscape.  Use these simple tips and best practices to get your garden ready for what are typically the higher water use summer months: 

  • Mulch plants with a three inch layer to protect roots from summer heat, and reduce evaporation and how frequently you need to water.  Free mulch is available to customers.
  • Periodically check your sprinkler timer is still set correctly to water late at night or early in the morning.  Sometimes power outages can reset timers to the factory default, resulting in overwatering.
  • Check for leaks and runoff, both of which can cost you money and waste water. Run off remains prohibited under State law.
  • Use a water calculator to determine how much water your plants actually need.
  • Use the Water % Adjust feature on your irrigation timer to match current weather conditions.

Confused on how to check or set your timer?  This quick video shows you how!

Interested in changing out landscaping for a water wise alternative?  While summer is a great time to design and plan, delay actual planting until the cooler fall months when it will be easier to establish plants.  In the meantime, check out these resources:

How to mulch over and remove a lawn.

Pick the perfect plant with these water wise lawn alternatives.

Permanent Water Waste Prohibitions: Sweep Don't Spray, Landscape Irrigation runoff prohibited, Washing Cars, Fountains and Features, Rain On = Sprinklers Off

(Published May 30, 2019)