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Today, the District has invested in, developed, and maintains a diverse water supply portfolio that meets the water supply needs of the Goleta Valley now and into the future. Supply sources include Lake Cachuma, groundwater, recycled water, and imported water from the State Water Project. Delivering water from these four supply sources has required significant expansion of the District’s distribution system and pumping capacity to move water throughout the system, including to higher elevations. In response to the current drought, and to deal with changing water quality conditions at the lake, the District anticipates having to increasingly rely on the combined use of surface and groundwater. This involves more complex mechanical equipment, and places operational demands on the system. Even maintaining access to current water supply sources requires ongoing investment in the infrastructure necessary to access it. Continued investment in our water treatment and distribution infrastructure is vital to providing our customers with safe and reliable water supplies while planning for the next 75 years.

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